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Medical Room

What’s care if you need to reach out for it?

Childcare is most needed at the place the child spends most of the day – the school. That’s why at every school it partners, AddressHealth sets up and runs a fully-equipped, nurse-led infirmary called the AddressHealth Medical Room.AddressHealth Medical Rooms are our most comprehensive offering for schools as they not only play the role of school infirmaries but also act as coordination hubs for various health activities.The units provide the following services:
  • Tele-consultation–tele-medicine equipped units that can carry out emergency and planned tele-consultations with various child health experts
  • First Aid & First Contact Care– Basic school emergencies addressed and first aid or first contact care provided
  • Triage & Evacuation Advice– School nurse assesses the severity of any adverse medical event and, if necessary, through emergency tele-consult, takes decisions for evacuation or referral
  • Recovery & Observation– For children with acute illnesses, facilities to rest and to be under observation of the school nurse provided
  • Electronic Health Records– Records for all health encounters at the centre, integrated with specific history for each child, maintained by the staff along with the findings from annual health check
  • Guidance & Consultations for Further Interventions– Planned consults arranged for parents to be guided on specific health issues of children.